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Our Mobile Tire Shop offers an alternative solution to the tire buying and installation process. You no longer have to wait to get your car serviced at the retail location, we will bring the tire shop to you.  Our mobile tire shop offers:

These services will be performed at home, work or any place that our truck can fit safely and securely.

  1. Find and Purchase. Order tires either on our website, in-store or by calling our retail location.
  2. Schedule an Appointment. Let us know when and where you want to get your new wheels or tires installed.
  3. Delivery and Installation. We bring our fully customized rolling tire shop to your home or workplace and install your new wheels and tires on your vehicle.
  4. Test Drive and Inspection. After installation, our mobile technician will fully inspect your vehicle for additional parts that may need replacing then test drive your vehicle to ensure proper installation.

How much will it cost?

  • Service calls start at $75.00 in addition to the cost of tire replacement within the Atlanta area.

How long will it take?

  • Our mobile tire technicians are TIA certified and are trained to get the job done as fast as possible. It will usually take 45 min to 60 min depending what services have been ordered.

Where can I get my tires installed?

  • We can install your new tires at any residential or commercial property if you are authorized to use it. We just need ample amount of space to park our service truck and complete the job.
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