Tire Letters

The Original Solution for Creating REAL Raised White Letter Tires #nonakedtires

Tire letters
Tire letters

Our raised white letter tire inserts allow you to turn any black wall tire into a REAL raised white letter tire. Never again will you have to struggle with tire paint pens and tire markers . Make your own white letter tires using our REAL rubber raised white letter tire kits (patent pending). They adhere permanently to the sidewall of your tire in seconds. White Tire Paint pens cannot compare the performance of our REAL rubber letters.  Whether you are trying to shout about your favorite sports team, advertise a business, or add a nostalgic look to your ride, Tire Kingz offers the ultimate answer.  Try a set today on your sports car and create your own low profile white letter tires, or add a visual POP to your Motorcycle that will turn heads.  But WHATEVER you do…..  Don’t let your tires go ROUND NAKED! Dress them with TredWear Graphics and Lettering Kits.

  • Racing Font

    Say whatever you want spelled out in our Deluxe Racing Font. These adhere to any tire and are PERFECT to advertise that important message or WOW your friends.

    GT Font tire kits allow you to customize any tire sidewall with your desired message. Lettering bonds instantly to any sidewall giving a factory appearance in actual raised white rubber.
  • Rally Walls

    Rally Walls allow you to have a customizable wall graphic on your tires and comes with your choice of color accent. A visually stunning edition, especially while your tires are moving.
Dodge Challenger on 22" STR Racing wheels
Dodge Charger on 22" STR Racing wheels
Dodge Charger Tire Letters
Impala SS Tire Letters
Dodge Ram With Tire Letters
Ford Mustang tire letters
Dodge Charger with tire letters
Pontiac Grand Prix on 22" STR Racing wheels
Ford F-150 on 22" BBY wheels
Mopar Tire Letters
Dodge Charger Tire Letters
Dodge Challenger with tires letters
Dodge Charger on 22" STR Racing wheels
Mr. Monte Carlo Tire Letters
Dodge Charger Tire Letters
Chevrolet Silverado with tire letters
Mitsubishi Lancer on STR Racing wheels
Dodge Challanger Tire Letters
Nitto Tire Letters
Dodge Challenger on 22" Replica wheels
Dodge Charger with tire letters
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