About Us

W E   A R E   G E O R G I A ‘ S   O N E  S T O P   S H O P   F O R   N E W  &  U S E D  T I R E S, B R A K E S,  A L I G N M E NTS  &  O I L  C H A N G E S.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality products and excellent customer service to create a lifetime Tire Kingz customer. We will strive to exceed expectations by continuing to improve our skills and products through the eyes of the customer.

Our Vision

To be the preferred and most trusted resource for New & Used tires and other automotive services in Georgia.

Our Goals

Everything that we do is inspired by our company mission, vision and values. It is our goal to continue to develop strategies that will allow us to provide our customers with the best products with competitive pricing in our market.

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